Brew Guide Instructions

Paper Filter

The original, simplest and our favourite way to brew. The paper filter is superb when brewing straight into a mug or jug. Quick, efficient - and incredibly easy to tidy up.
You will need:
  • 1 Filter Cone (Ceramic/plastic or metal)
  • Digital Scales
  • Medium fine grind coffee – Ration: 1g Coffee : 17g Water
  1. Boil your kettle, pre-heat your gear and set aside.  The water temp should be c. 94C when brewing, not boiling.
  2. Place your paper filter inside a clean, warmed filter cone, wetting the paper with a little hot water as you go..
  3. Weigh out coffee following the weight ratio, 1g Coffee : 17g Water. (For a standard 10oz mug, we suggest 14g of coffee to 238g water).  Add coffee to filter cone.
  4. Weigh out your water dose, or place mug on scales.  Tare the scales.
  5. With a little hot water (90-94°C), saturate the coffee grounds, and allow to ‘bloom’ for 30 seconds or so.  Continue to add hot water to match the recipe in a circular motion, pouring directly onto the coffee, not  the paper.
  6. Leave to drip through, and once ready, throw away the paper & grounds.
  7. Enjoy with or without milk.
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