Burundi Akawa

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Quince, Balanced, Toffee

Responsibility and sustainability are in our fabric here at Reads Coffee Roasters.  We have chosen to source our Burundi coffee through the Akawa Project. The Akawa project plays an instrumental role in 11,000 farmers lives across Burundi.  This project encompasses education and training (training in best agricultural practices to get the best out of their land/crop), access to fresh water, aids in women’s empowerment and rights, and gives farmers strong financial autonomy. The project was founded in 2016 and has gone beyond the scope of producing coffee by changing farmers/workers lives.

Our Burundi Akawa is a fully washed Bourbon and local heirloom variety.  With an elegant flavour profile of quince, toffee, and just the right amount of acidity, it is a celebration of the acclaimed producers so dedicated to achieving a high-quality cup.




1100-1700 MASL





Brew Method

Cafetiere, Filter, Moka/Stovetop, Aeropress

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Burundi has always boasted great potential in coffee growing. Coffee growing has its origins in the 1930’s when European colonists had gone on expeditions and brought the Bourbon varietal with them.  Much of the country has small holder producers who work together as collectives to grow and export their coffees.  Coffee flavour profiles vary by region but are often synonymous with a bright quince acidity and full-bodied, chocolate toffee notes.



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