Burundi Muhororo

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Almond, Bold, Date Spice

This is a wonderfully bold cup, with darker, yet balanced flavour and medium body. A typical, sturdy Bourbon coffee, with hints of nutty almond followed by pleasant acidity and fermented sweetness.


Sun-dried, Washed


1400 – 1900 MASL





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The majority of coffee in Burundi is grown by subsistance farmers, who grow food crops for their own supply as well as some cash crops (like coffee), not on larger factory farms or plantations, as is the norm in other countries. Coffee, once picked, is rushed to the local washing station for processing.

The washing station for this particular crop is located in the Kirimiro region of Burundi, where they expect to process about 950 tons of coffee every year.

Jean Marie is the washing stations’ manager, where a busy 100 staff work through the months of harvest, with 3 full-time members of staff throughout the year. They work over 53 washing tables, fermenting for 12 hours, and drying using 54,117kg of parchment for 12-14 days.

Around 400 farmers will contribute to the yearly crop washed at Kirimiro, and this beautifully balanced bean is a brilliant addition to our single origins.

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