Darjeeling FTGFOP1

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Delicate, Fragrant, Distinctive

Our Darjeeling whole leaf tea has been specially selected for its quality grade and complex flavour. The grading FTGFOP1 stands for Finest, Tippy, Golden, Flowery, Orange, Pekoe, which, in short, indicates that the tea has a lot of fine, light coloured tips and meets premium standards.

Darjeeling is grown high in the Himalayas and is often referred to as the ‘champagne of teas’ due to it’s wine-like profile and unique, musky-sweet character. Our sophisticated Darjeeling tea has a deliciously fragrant yet delicate flavour making it perfect for afternoon or early evening drinking.

Perfect for afternoon drinking as a lighter alternative to English Breakfast or Earl Grey.


Light, Delicate



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Brewing Guidance:        

Use one heaped teaspoon per person, and one for the pot, if using.  Darjeeling is best treated more like a Green tea when brewing to reduce astringency.  Off the boil water is recommended and allow to infuse for a full 3 minutes, according to taste.

Best served without milk and sugar to fully appreciate the authentic complex flavours. Otherwise, add 1-2 drops of fresh lemon juice.