Dark & Bold Tasting Box

From £21.00

A selection of our bolder, more powerful Single Origins & Blends

If your a lover of a stronger cup, these 5 will be a powerful bundle to enjoy at home:

The box contains:
  • 70g India Monsoon Malabar
    Large beans give this mellow coffee spicy power with low acidity and a distinct flavour of the roast.
  • 70g Sumatra Mandeling Gr 1 Organic
    If coffee were judged as notes on a Piano, Sumatra would be the solid ‘Bong’ at the low end.  Rich, full bodied and highly versatile, Sumatra Mandheling is a mainstay that lovers of stronger should greatly enjoy.
  • 70g Firehouse Strong Espresso
    A bold, darker roast espresso that will produce deliciously smooth, powerful cappuccinos and lattes.
  • 70g Casa di Montagna
    Our Northern Italian style espresso blend. Just the right balance of sweetness and low acidity from Brazil, character from Central America and the all-important, creamy full body from the highest quality washed Robusta.
  • 70g Brazil Fazenda Barriero
    A delicious medium, dark roast. Our Brazil presents rich, chocolatey, plumb notes. An interesting cup.

+ Brew instructions.

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