Decaf: Colombia Excelso

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Apple, Caramel, Lemon

We’re really pleased with this delicious Swiss Water Process Decaf. This Colombia Excelso provides bright, almond notes balanced by an orange citrus. The Swiss Water natural decaffeination process works extremely gently on the green beans, allowing virtually all of the coffee’s original character to be retained. It’s so effective that we think you’ll find it virtually impossible to tell this is decaf at all.

Our new Swiss Water Decaf Colombian is a product of the wonderful Crecer project in Colombia.  Founded in 2020, this project works to create sustainability on every level within the Racafe coffee group.  With a keen focus on conserving biodiversity of the coffee growing environment and providing sustainable living conditions for producers, Racafe pay a premium to the producers for their coffee and provides incentive to maintain high quality farm management and processing practices.

Through the Crecer project, Racafe provide producers with environmental, social, and economic stability from assistance with efficient use of water to farm training and even effective business plans to help secure futures.  Farmers are provided with a guidebook on best coffee farming practices and how to monitor their progress.

The Crecer project provides value to much needed small growers who need external support to grow coffee and implement a sustainable living standard.



Huila and Tomila


1400m – 2100 MASL


Castillo, Caturra


Medium Dark

Colombia is the third largest coffee producing country in the world. Coffee was planted in Colombia in the 18th century and is fortunately positioned near the Equator.  They classify their coffee beans as Excelso or Supremo. Excelso are the smaller beans and Supremo, the larger sized coffee beans.  Coffee is grown all over the country, but mostly the regions of surrounding the hilly landscape of the main capital, Bogota. Narino (coastal), Tolima, Valle de Cauca, Cauca, and Huila.


We’re often asked, ‘How is Coffee Decaffeinated’.  This short video explains it perfectly:

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