English Breakfast Decaffeinated

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Full-bodied, Smooth & Refreshing

Our English Breakfast Decaffeinated blend is made with Ceylon loose leaf tea using the carbon dioxide (CO2) method to ensure the flavour and health benefits are retained whilst removing the caffeine.

During this process, the tea leaves are placed with naturally occurring gas, CO2, at a high pressure and high temperature. The carbon dioxide reaches a ‘super-critical state’ where CO2 becomes almost a liquid solvent, and it attracts the caffeine molecules and removes them from the tea.

Science part over, this tea still delivers a delicious full-bodied flavour and offers a great alternative for those looking to avoid or reduce their caffeine intake.




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Use one heaped teaspoon per person (and one for the teapot if using). Add freshly boiled water and allow to infuse for a minimum of 3-5 minutes. Remove the leaves and serve with or without milk according to taste.

Enjoy all the flavour of a traditional large leaf English Breakfast, without the caffeine.

Optimal Brewing Time & Temperature: 3-5 minutes at 95°C

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