Espresso Box

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A selection of our award winning espresso blends

Introducing our Espresso Boxes – a fully customisable coffee delivery box! Craft your own box tailored precisely to your preferences. Whether you’re treating yourself, surprising a loved one, or embarking on your very own Espresso Subscription, our Espresso Boxes are designed to cater to your particular taste. 

  • Sumatra Bourbon

  • Limekiln

    Our latest espresso blend introduces brighter elements from Central America.  A notch lighter on the roast, developing a well-balanced body whilst avoiding excess acidity for those who still like a smooth brew.  Limekiln is a blend we’re delighted with – so much so, we’ve named it after the Roastery!

    We are incredibly proud to mention that our Limekiln espresso is a 2023 Great Taste winner awarded by the Guild of Fine Food. We roast our coffee carefully and diligently, perfecting our blends to highlight their true, unique flavours. Our Limekiln is perfect for Espresso but also with the versatility to suit Cafetiere, Aeropress and Filter.

  • Casa di Montagna

    Our Northern Italian style espresso blend. Just the right balance of sweetness and low acidity from Brazil, character from Central America and the all-important, creamy full body from the highest quality washed Robusta. Sit back, take in the view, and enjoy the traditional taste of Northern Italy!

  • Sidelock Espresso

    This blend introduces an eclectic Arabica blend of African and South American coffees.  A superb medium roast with rich notes of blueberry and dark chocolate.  A firm favourite here at our roastery.

    Sidelock is a premium espresso with the versatility to suit all brewing methods.


  • Firehouse

    A bold, darker roast espresso that will produce deliciously smooth, powerful cappuccinos and lattes.

    Named in honour of Sherborne’s Fire Brigade, Firehouse is ideal for traditional espresso machines, stovetops or bean to cup machines, but also perfect for a stalwart Cafetière or Filter brew.

  • Decaf: Sumatra Bourbon

    Dark, smooth & full-bodied flavour that’s perfect for espresso’s without the Caffeine.  Ideal too for lovers of stronger filter and cafetière brews.

    The  Swiss Water natural decaffeination process  works extremely gently on the green beans, allowing virtually all of the coffee's original character to be retained.  It's so effective that we think you'll find it virtually impossible to tell this is decaf at all.

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