Espresso Tasting Box

From £21.00

A selection of our award winning espresso blends

Experience Espresso like never before with our Tasting Box, and discover our range of 5 unique blends, complemented by detailed taste cards. Grow your knowledge using our interactive tasting wheels, unraveling the nuances of each mouthful. Ideal for home Espresso drinkers and gifting alike.

The box contains:
  • 70g Sumatra Bourbon Espresso
    Our trademark 100% Arabica espresso blend, with three Great Taste Awards to its credit, produces deliciously smooth cappuccinos and lattes.
  • 70g Limekiln Espresso
    Our latest 2023 Award Winning espresso blend introduces brighter elements from Rwanda and Ethiopia.  A notch lighter on the roast, developing a well-balanced body whilst avoiding excess acidity for those who still like a smooth brew.
  • 70g Firehouse Strong Espresso
    A bold, darker roast espresso that will produce deliciously smooth, powerful cappuccinos and lattes.
  • 70g Casa di Montagna
    Our Northern Italian style espresso blend. Just the right balance of sweetness and low acidity from Brazil, character from Central America and the all-important, creamy full body from the highest quality washed Robusta.
  • 70g Sumatra Bourbon Espresso Decaf
    Dark, smooth & full-bodied flavour that’s perfect for espresso’s without the Caffeine.  Ideal too for lovers of stronger filter and cafetière brews.

+ Brew instructions.

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