Guatemala La Esmeralda

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Clean, Blackcurrant, Cacao

La Esmeralda ‘The Gem’ is grown and produced by Crispin Matias and his family in Huehuetenango.  Mr Matias has always had a love for agriculture.  He ran a grocery shop for many years before deciding to take the plunge and delve into his passion for coffee growing.  

This coffee is shade grown under gorgeous Avocado, Orange, Chalun and Guachapilin Caspirol trees, which help to preserve slow growth of the coffee tree and encourage active wildlife in the region.  

All ripe cherries are harvested on the same day as hand picking. The coffee is fermented for two days prior to the washing process, creating all those fantastic elements of this speciality Guatemalan coffee. The result is a moreish blackcurrant and cacao flavour with pleasing acidity on the palate. A fresh grape element contributes to a wonderfully bright and clean cup, perfect for brewing as a filter, aeropress or a stalwart cafetiere.   




Central America, Guatemala




1550 MASL


Bourbon, Pache, Sarchimor


Medium Light

Our La Esmeralda will take you on a journey to the region where people and terroir provide some of the finest coffees the world has to offer.  

Huehuetenango is fortunately positioned for coffee farmers in this region with a favourable balance of the rainy and dry seasons and its high altitude for the slow maturation of the coffee cherries. We work closely with producers in the supply chain to ensure all our coffees are traceable and ethically sourced. All coffee is hand-picked and harvest with care. 



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