Kenya AA Kathangariri

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Blackberry, Smooth, Apple

Our Kathangariri is a limited edition single origin from the heart of Embu county, the traditional coffee growing region in Kenya. Our AA boasts strong flavour notes of blackberry, smooth caramel, and crisp green apples. This coffee provides excellent clarity in the cup. Best brewed as a filter to capture all of the nuances of a top-notch Kenyan coffee.


1700 – 1800 MASL

Brew Method

Cafetiere, Filter, Moka/Stovetop, Aeropress








Batian, Ruiru, SL28, SL34

Agriculture is at the heart of the Kenyan economy, being the largest sector in their economy.  This top lot AA is from the Kamwangi washing station, in the Embu region of Kenya. Blessed with its fortunate position in the foothills of Mount Kenya, this coffee is grown and produced by 1,500 local farmers in the Muramuki Farmer’s Cooperative Society, who are dedicated in cultivating high quality coffees, grown expertly from the rich volcanic soils coupled with the warm days and cool nights.  Slow maturation of the coffee cherries allows for a wonderfully clean and smooth cup.



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