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Beautifully Bright Espresso

Our latest espresso blend introduces brighter elements from Central America.  A notch lighter on the roast, developing a well-balanced body whilst avoiding excess acidity for those who still like a smooth brew.  Limekiln is a blend we’re delighted with – so much so, we’ve named it after the Roastery!

We are incredibly proud to mention that our Limekiln espresso is a 2023 Great Taste winner awarded by the Guild of Fine Food. We roast our coffee carefully and diligently, perfecting our blends to highlight their true, unique flavours. Our Limekiln is perfect for Espresso but also with the versatility to suit Cafetiere, Aeropress and Filter.


Central & South America


Natural, Washed


1400 – 2100 MASL


Bourbon, Heirloom, Red Bourbon, Typica


Medium Light

Brew Method

Cafetiere, Filter, Moka/Stovetop, Aeropress, Espresso

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