New Orleans Natural Decaf with Chicory

From £6.60

Marzipan, Cocoa, Digestive Biscuit

Our full flavour, natural decaf with chicory blend is perfect for those looking to explore new flavours whilst moderating caffeine intake. We’ve expertly blended our natural decaf Colombian coffee with chicory root and the result is an untamed, elevated brew!  A taste of New Orleans that works brilliantly with milk.

Pre ground for brewing as filter or cafetière.


Huila and Tomila


1400m – 2100 MASL


Castillo, Caturra


Medium Dark

Aimed at the caffeine sensitive drinker who loves a full bodied, richly satisfying brew.  This decaffeinated blend has all the flavour of our natural decaf boosted by the turbocharged flavour that a carefully blended shot of chicory brings to the brew.  Borne from a visit to New Orleans, we couldn’t resist offering our zero caffeine version of this classic brew

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