New Orleans style Chicory Coffee

From £6.60

Lively, Bold, Unrefined

We’ve blended our much loved, punchy natural processed coffee with chicory root, resulting in a full-bodied brew with reduced caffeine. With flavours of almond, strawberries, and hints of digestive biscuit, it’s a modern take on the childhood memory of Camp Coffee!

Deep flavour, perfectly pre-ground to suit a stalwart Filter or Cafetière brew.


Natural, Sun-dried



Ever since visiting N’Orleans way back in 1993, it’s been a particular mission of ours to create a delicious blend using chicory root for those of us who love a good cup of coffee but maybe want to reduce our caffeine intake, without losing out on any punch.

Chicory provided the answer.  Much loved by New Orleaners, this creole inspired blend carefully combines speciality beans with the powerful, caffeine free, root to create a brew that’s fantastic with milk and, maybe, a cheeky Beignet!

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