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Fresh, Smooth, Cleansing

Fresh and invigorating with a cool, crisp flavour, our Peppermint tea is perfect for awakening the senses and cleansing the palette. This bright and golden-green infusion can be enjoyed hot or cold at any time of the day but is especially good after meals.

With a silky-smooth mouth feel and no bitter aftertaste, unlike some Peppermint teas, this blend will become a firm favourite in no-time.

Naturally caffeine free, Peppermint tea is also enjoyed for its digestive properties and calming effect.




All Day

Brew Guide:      

Use one heaped teaspoon per person (and one for the teapot if using). Add just off the boil water and allow to brew for 5-8 minutes. Remove the peppermint leaves and enjoy the wonderfully fresh & fragrant aromas.

Sip, savour & invigorate!

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