Rwanda: Muhondo Bourbon

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Cranberry, chocolate with winey brightness
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Muhondo is located in the Gakenke district, North West Rwanda, close to the Volcanoes National Park – home to one of only three populations of endangered mountain Gorillas.  The washing station is on a small scale but has tremendously impacted the local communities through youth and women employment, contribution to farmer’s income, and community involvement through social projects and working with farmers, including provision of microfinance loans and clean water supplies.

We’re firm favourites of Rwandan coffees.  It’s rich body and elements of chocolate make it ideal for a more powerful Filter, also Cafetière and Aeropress brews with the makings of an interesting Stovetop or Espresso.



Gakenke District


1700 – 2000 MASL




Red Bourbon



Working with over 3,200 smallholders, the Muhondo Coffee Company operate three small washing stations in Rwanda’s Northern Province.  Like much of Rwanda, the land here is rugged, mountainous and exceptionally beautiful.  Rich volcanic soils, plentiful sunshine and tropical rainfall provide the perfect conditions for the cultivation of fine Arabica coffee, particularly the Bourbon variety, which excels in the high altitude offered by Rwanda’s mountains.

Washed and Sun dried – how?

Ripe cherries are selected at first by hand, then by floatation in clean water tanks.  The cherries are de-pulped and fermented in water for an average of 18 hours.  The squidgy, fermented cherries are then washed in clean water, sorted simultaneously by density through water grading channels.  This lot is from the densest, thus highest quality, grade.

The washed coffee, still in its husk is then sun-dried on raised African beds for 21-30 days depending on climatic conditions.  It’s a combination of this unique ‘terroir’ and processing that gives the Rwandan beans their unique, punchy flavour.

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