Rwanda Musasa Red Bourbon, Ruli Station

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Full bodied, Jammy, Punchy!
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  • Cafatiere
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Delicious full bodied, punchy brew with well balanced fruit acidity.   A powerful African.  If you haven’t tried coffee from Rwanda before, this makes for a great starting point.

Ideal for a more powerful Filter, also Cafetière and Aeropress brews with the makings of an interesting Stovetop or Espresso.



Gakenke District, Ruli


1700 – 2000 MASL




Red Bourbon



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Fully washed Red Bourbon varietal from the Musasa Dukunde Kawa Cooperative, who have built three small washing station in the country’s Western Province.  At 1999 metres, the Ruli station is one of Rwanda’s highest, serving smallholders, typically farming only 250-300 coffee trees each, in the local area.

Freshly picked cherries are washed, fermented and dried over 20 hours, followed by hand grading and drying on raised beds to 15-30 days.  High grown between 1400-2000 metres this is a very high quality example from a wonderful origin.

Over the last twenty years, coffee growing has been an essential part of this small, land-locked country’s recovery – now producing world beating beans that are a consistent favourite at Reads HQ!

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