Sidelock Espresso

From £6.80 available on subscription

Finest Espresso

This blend introduces an eclectic Arabica blend of African and South American coffees.  A superb medium roast with rich notes of blueberry and dark chocolate.  A firm favourite here at our roastery.

Sidelock is a premium espresso with the versatility to suit all brewing methods.



South America, Africa




1400 – 2100 MASL




Natural, Washed


South America, Africa


Arabica, Caturra, Red Bourbon, Red Catuai, Yellow Bourbon, Yellow Catuai, Obatan

Our exciting new Sidelock espresso blend is an ‘espresso drinkers espresso’, medium roasted to offer a bright, smooth, well balanced flavour that’s well-suited to all espresso based drinks. Sweet and fruity – with perfectly balanced acidity.

The blends name, Sidelock, pays homage to the craftsmanship and complexity involved in the creation of the intricate mechanism of the sidelock shotgun, the finest of all and as produced by the world’s leading gunsmiths. Just as gunmakers ingeniously concealed the original firing hammers within the lock-plate of the sidelock mechanism, our Probat roaster has been engineered with equally meticulous precision to allow us to produce the very finest results as we roast.

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