A Coffee Love Story

In the heart of Ethiopia, the collaborative efforts of the Dukamo brothers, Asefa and Mulugeta, unfold a remarkable tale of dedication to the art of coffee production. 

Asefa, the owner of the Mirado processing station, found his passion for coffee early on, inspired by his parents’ cultivation of the crop. During his teenage years he supplied nearby washing stations with cherries sourced from the family’s farm, relatives, and villagers. Recognising the scarcity of washing stations directly local to the region, Asefa turned his vision into reality, constructing his own station to reduce travel time for local coffee producers.

The Sidema region yields a wide variety of crops like sugarcane, fruits, and the indigenous “Inset” alongside coffee, yet faces challenges such as small farm sizes, subsequently limiting earnings. This leading to the Mirado Station grappling for resources, knowledge, and infrastructure.

This is where the true love story begins…

In a harmonious collaboration, Asefa’s brother, Mulugeta, co-founded Daye Bensa. This initiative aims to uplift smallholder coffee producers, processors, traders, and their organisations, with the goal to focus on improving productivity, quality, and value chain development, with a particular emphasis on speciality and traceable coffees. Through public-private-partnership dialogues, the initiative seeks to enhance trade transparency, increasing income shares for stakeholders and enabling Ethiopia to benefit more from the global coffee trade. Daye Bensa actively addresses challenges through its “Back to the Community” initiatives, centred on infrastructure development, education, and healthcare. 

Ethiopia Sidamo Mirado G3 Natural

With notes of bergamot and jasmine, this coffee will take you to furthest corners of Ethiopia, where the coffee plant has its true origins. As soon as its brewed, you will be whisked away with this enticing, fruity & lemony natural – that will leave you feeling very much a part of the history and the story of coffee itself!


It’s without a doubt, the impact of the Dukamo family extends beyond their own endeavours, reaching numerous farms, educating the youth and facilitating connections between producers and global coffee markets. 

Their story is a testament to a true love for coffee that transcends individual success, creating a profound impact on the community and the broader world of coffee production. 

Our Ethiopia Mirado G3 is a fantastic cup, with notes of bergamot and jasmine. Processed art the Mirado Mill itself. 

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