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1969 was not only a remarkable year for the whole world when the first human being landed on the Moon, but also the “birth” of Ipanema Coffees!

Three business partners Carlos Moacyr Gomes de Almeida, Cyrillo Fernandes and Julio Bozano bought their first piece of land and found the “Condomínio Aliança”. Thereby, they lay the foundation of one of largest coffee companies worldwide…

Rio Verde, founded in 1887, stands as a testament to time, emerging as the oldest among the company’s farms. Nestled in the heart of the Mantiqueira de Minas Mountains, this vast 1,500-hectare expanse is more than just a coffee farm—it’s a natural sanctuary. The landscape is adorned with elevations reaching up to 1,300 meters above sea level, creating an idyllic environment for cultivating coffee. But that’s not all, as one ventures through this haven, they are greeted by virgin forests, waterfalls, natural springs and hiking trails.

What makes Rio Verde truly special is its clay soil, generously enriched with decomposed minerals and nutrients. The farm owes its fertility not only to the soil composition but also to the vibrant shrubs and wildlife that call it home. Additionally, the presence of water springs contributes to the overall health of the ecosystem.

The farm’s altitude contributes to the creation of a unique microclimate. The resulting conditions yield mild temperatures and an annual rainfall average of 1,600 mm, providing an optimal environment for the cultivation of an array of coffee varieties. Notably, Rio Verde is a haven for Yellow Bourbon, Acaia, Yellow Catuai, Yellow Topazio, Mundo Novo, Yellow Icatu, and Catucai.

Brazil Alma di Monti

This special microlot has been processed using anaerobic and sun drying methods. This subsequently brings out delicious fresh cherry notes, providing a clean cup that’s truly unique and world class!


The harmonious marriage of high elevation, mountainous terrain, and diverse coffee varieties gives rise to a plethora of terroirs within Rio Verde. Each terroir imparts distinct flavour profiles and nuanced tastes to the coffee beans, contributing to the complexity of the final coffee product.

In essence, Rio Verde is not just a farm; it’s a living canvas where nature’s artistry intertwines with the meticulous cultivation of coffee. The legacy of its founding in 1887 endures in the form of a sanctuary that not only produces exceptional coffee but also serves as a living tribute to the bounties of the Mantiqueira de Minas Mountains.

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