Lemongrass & Ginger Tea – why is it good for you?

Our fantastic Lemongrass & Ginger tea offers numerous health benefits. Lemongrass is known for its digestive aid, anti-inflammatory properties, and stress relief, while ginger provides immune support and aids in digestion. Together, they create a soothing, aromatic blend that promotes overall well-being and can help alleviate common ailments like colds and indigestion. Here are our favourite 3 benefits:


Uniquely blended here at the Roastery, our Lemongrass and Ginger combines straws of dried Lemongrass with chunky` Ginger to create a delightfully warm, zesty, caffeine free brew that’s perfect for drinking at any time of day


Don’t rush, allow the brew to fully infuse for at least 3 minutes, then take your time to enjoy a delightfully relaxing, refreshing, cleansing brew that will give you a moment of calm during the busiest of busy days, a boost after lunch, or the perfect late evening wind down before bed.

…and good for your Tummy!

With Lemongrass being rich in nutrients and antioxidants, including vitamins A & C, both known to help boost our immune system, and Ginger being a well-established digestive aid, our Lemongrass and Ginger is the ‘go-too brew’ here at Reads HQ for a hydrating after-lunch tummy tonic!

Why not treat yourself to a bag of this fantastically uplifting, zingy brew?

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