Kenya: Sasini Natural

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Hoppy, Boozy, Powerful

A different tack for this Natural process Kenya C grade bean.  Cherries are sun dried prior to de-hulling rather than de-pulped using washing and fermentation.  The net result is a punchy, slightly boozy natured cup.  It blew my socks off as a recent tipple on a chilly biking trip and remains one of my 2024 favourites, so it may just be the perfect brew for a chilly winters morning.

Perfect for strong Filter, Cafetiere and Aeropress, also a punchy Stovetop brew.




1700 – 1800 MASL


SL28, SL34





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In Kenya, all coffee processes begin with cherry selection. This begins at harvest with pickers trained to handpick ripe cherries, followed by hand-sorting to remove under/over-ripe cherries, and finally with flotation tanks for density separation.

Speciality natural processing is a rarity in Kenya. Selected cherries are dried in the sun on raised African beds for up to 6 weeks. The cherries are carefully turned to ensure consistent drying process and prevent overfermentation or mould formation, and are covered at night and during rain to protect against moisture damage.

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